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All classes 50 minutes.

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$180 10 pack / $95 5 pack / $20 drop-in

$99 Mat Month: Up to 8 classes in 30 days

Cardio Mat

All levels

Explore the Pilates fundamentals of breath, alignment and core ability while gaining deeper body awareness, full body sculpting, length and ease of movement. Combined with timed cardio challenges, you immediately put your core connection to the test. 

SWEAT LEVEL: moderate


All levels

Pilatecize is a full body workout that includes Fonda-esque follow-along cardio, bodyweight exercises, plies, planks. Each class concludes with a Pilates-based abdominal sequence and stretch. Bring sneaks and your A game. Appropriate for all levels, everyone is welcome. 

SWEAT LEVEL: moderate to heavy


All levels

A fast paced and flowy Pilates mat class with an added emphasis on some of the body's more difficult areas. Challenging, progressive and fun. Will always include great tunes. Appropriate for all levels.

SWEAT LEVEL: moderate

Ballet Core 

All levels

No ballet experience required. This class gets you on your feet, balancing, bouncing, building strength, and learning how to do a correct plié. The mat section includes Pilates inspired core work and movements that sculpt long, lean leg and arm muscles. Appropriate for all levels.

SWEAT LEVEL: moderate to heavy

Pilates Mat with Toys

All levels

A Pilates-based mat class for EVERY BODY. The Arc (a lightweight version of the traditional Spine Corrector) is the best Pilates toy to get you deeper into an authentic core connection and as a support for your planks, bridges, sidekicks, abs, and balance work. You can expect this class to inform how you move in daily life. Small props such as balls, foam rollers, free weights, and magic circles may make an appearance.  Appropriate for all levels.

SWEAT LEVEL: moderate

Saturday Sesh!


All levels

This mat class features weekly revolving teachers and themes. A great way to meet a new teacher and try out some new moves. We invite some of the area's most favorite instructors because we love our community of hard working teachers. Often followed by a community hangout moment. Check our Instagram @base.durham for this week's reveal. 



$300 10-pack / $175 5 pack / $40 drop-in

$99 Equipment month: Up to 4 classes in 30 days

Reformer Jump

Some Pilates experience recommended.

Learn jump sequences on the Pilates Reformer designed to challenge your coordination and cardiovascular health. This class targets all angles of the legs, arms, and pelvic core connection. Supplementary movements with the magic circle and other small equipment will have you creating a balanced tone through your whole body.

SWEAT LEVEL: moderate

Reformer Form & Function

Pilates equipment experience required (Newbies, take a few private sessions first or check out another all levels class.) 

The Pilates Reformer, originally designed by Joe Pilates, is a versatile machine designed to assist core connection. Through pulleys and springs, movements on the Reformer are smooth and controlled. This group class challenges participants to put their core connections to the test through choreographed exercises designed to re-form, inform, and support healthy, sustainable movement. A full body workout aimed at developing core awareness and ease of movement. 


PE Circuit

All levels

This class is a little bit PE, a little bit dance-inspired and a lot of sweat. We will move from station to station, utilizing the jumpboard, rebounder, BOSU, chair, cadillac, barre, ball, weights and props. Each class includes a warm up, circuit session, active stretching and a cool down for a full body workout. Sneakers optional, socks required.

SWEAT LEVEL: moderate to heavy


private appointment

private: $85 / $800 10 pack

semi private (2-4 people): $55 / $500 10 pack

contact us to schedule your appointment.

Pilates Appointment: Private

A custom one-on-one training session designed for your particular needs and goals. Your private appointment will include movements on the Pilates equipment and other exercise apparatus.

Pilates Appointment: Semi-Private

2-4 people

You book a semi-private session to include your buddy, partner, pal, mate, bff, and/or family member. We will design a session to meet the needs of each individual. Your session will include movements on the Pilates equipment and other exercise apparatus.


Socks required in all of our classes. Available for purchase at the studio

Cancellation Policy: To avoid being charged for your class: please give 24 hours notice if you need to cancel. This gives us time to fill the space. Thank you for understanding