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We offer 2 types of class passes at Base.

1) mat classes: These are our floor classes, with you on a mat doing things.

2) equipment classes: These are our Pilates apparatus classes including the Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, and/or Ladder Barrel.

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All classes 50 minutes.

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$180 10 pack / $95 5 pack / $20 drop-in


  • Fun workouts for real people

  • Increased strength and flexibility

  • Happy endorphins

  • Progressive exercise curation

  • Improved spinal health and mobility


All levels

A fast-paced and flowy mat class with an added emphasis on some of the body's more difficult areas: arms, abs, and ass. Challenging, progressive and fun. Will always include great tunes.


All levels

Pilatecize is a fun, full-body workout that includes straightforward high-intensity cardio plus core, leg, arm and balance exercises. Sneakers recommended.


All levels

Shape mat class works your body from the inside-out. We use balls, bands, circles, weights and/or the Pilates Arc (a super cool foam body shaper) in this core-centric class. Save your spine, shape your bod.


All levels

Balance mat class focuses on organizing the body in space, noticing imbalances, & working through advanced sequences for stability. Warm up with classical Pilates mat work + contemporary and flowy standing Pilates to challenge your core & improve your balance. 


$300 10-pack / $175 5 pack / $40 drop-in


  • Spring resistance and isometric training

  • Cool machines to learn

  • Flexibility for all

  • Intense happy endorphin rewards

  • Joint and life decompression


All levels

Sticky socks required

A sculpting class on the Pilates Reformer using body weight, spring weight, and the rolling action of the machine. Learn progressive flow combinations with emphasis on some of the body's more difficult areas. Challenging and fun. Will always include great tunes.


All levels

Sticky socks required

A high energy, full body circuit workout on the Pilates machines, rebounder, bosu and more. Cardio with extra calorie burn as you sculpt and strengthen your bod.

Sculpt & Stretch

All levels

Sticky socks required

Wake up your core and put it to the test. S&S is a full-body workout aimed at deep awareness as you move on the Pilates Reformer. Slow down, breathe, and feel the burn. Open up with deep stretches and relaxing moments.


All levels

Sticky socks required

In Jump class, the Pilates Reformer is your bouncy house: great for increased bone density and spirit. Low impact jump combinations, challenges for abs and arms, and fun playlists in this full-body workout.

private appointment

private: $85 / $800 10 pack

semi private (2-4 people): $55 / $500 10 pack

contact us to schedule your appointment.


Pilates Appointment: Private

A custom one-on-one training session designed for your particular needs and goals. Your private appointment will include movements on the Pilates equipment and other exercise apparatus.

Pilates Appointment: Semi-Private

2-4 people

You book a semi-private session to include your buddy, partner, pal, mate, bff, and/or family member. We will design a session to meet the needs of each individual. Your session will include movements on the Pilates equipment and other exercise apparatus.


Socks required in all of our classes. Available for purchase at the studio

Cancellation Policy: To avoid being charged for your class: please give 24 hours notice if you need to cancel. This gives us time to fill the space. Thank you for understanding.